Can you hear me?

Taking time to listen can make all the difference in many things.

Doctors: can't treat without listening to what's wrong.
Teachers: can't help explain without listening to where a student is stuck.
Salesmen: can't guide you to the right purchase without knowing your needs.

And so it is in the media center: the need to listen. So I am learning to listen more. Whether it's a student wanting to find a book to read, or a parent wanting to guide their student to a book- I'm listening more. No one book- no one lesson- no one project- will fit all situations. So I'm tyring to hear what the needs are.

Today, I heard: "How can I meet the needs? How can I get them to fall in love with reading? How can...." From another, "I want them to learn and apply what they are gathering - to draw conclusions" and, "How do I use Padlet?"

And then there's: "My printer isn't working and I changed the ink...Help!" "My student forgot their password."

All of these concerns and questions are valid. Each is a need to be met ~ so that jobs can be done. And each is important.

The answers today were simple:

  • Let me show you how to help them reset the password. 
  • Easy fix on the printer- next time, try checking ________.
  • How about Monday at 12:15 we get together and work with your class on ____________.
  • I'd really like to work with these 4 students as a book club- for fun reading. To discover some books. 
And their responses? All smiles. All appreciation. 

And you know why? I listened, heard, and am trying to meet their needs. 


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