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Writing for Change

When I first began this blog a few years ago, I was writing for an audience of One. ME. On the advice of a wise mentor, I was told that writing would help me formulate ideas~ refine practice~teach me about myself. And then something happened, and I realized my blog was for more than me. My blog was for whomever wanted to follow along the road of life with me. It's for anyone wondering how to make their library better. What's worked? What's failed? What have I learned?

The change in me as a Library Leader has been significant. I'm no longer scared to take a risk. I've learned to change my library policies to facilitate learning and loving reading- not serve me.

#creatingreaders is a big deal. Not just for me, but for the future. If we don't have readers- we won't have thinkers, or writers. We won't have solution seekers. We won't have innovators. And so this year- I took a leap, and tried blogging for the Nerdy Book Club!

And then, a strange email ca…

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