Who would win?

Suppose Percy Jackson met _______________.

So what if the Greek god ________ met the Egyptian god __________ and had a fight? Which one would win?

Now introduce a Mongol Warrior....who would win?

While these may seem like silly questions- these are real questions for 3 of my boys in lunch-bunch book club. Each has read the Rick Riordan series- yes all of them. And so, as they were having these discussions- they'd go from one side of the library to the other- gathering books on mythology and books on warriors through history. You see, not only did they each have an opinion- but they each went to references to justify their positions.

Who said research had to be hard? Who said it had to be work? Who said kids couldn't think critically and support their own ideas?

The beauty- this wasn't an assignment. It was just discussion. It was learning for fun, for learning's sake. But don't tell them. They just thought they were winning an argument.

And the ultimate answer? I won! I got the pleasure of hearing this happen.


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