Ah...back in the swing of things

Routine can be good. Even non-routine is good. Don't get me wrong- I'm a control freak, and I love a plan more than the average guy. Chart me a course- fill my sails, and let me go. The last few weeks have been anything but a steady course.

Because of circumstances outside of my control- I've had much less contact with students in these past few weeks. Conflicts in schedules and demands have prevented that. Snow has prevented that. I did do some library-related things, but not as much kid contact as I'd like. In the last few weeks I've applied to be a  DEN ambassador, presented an Early Release training to staff, worked with the IRT and AG teacher to develop an integrated unit, attended an iPad training, compared data on students for growth from quarter 1 to quarter 2, ordered books for a reading program funded by a civic organization, ordered new library books, and reflected on my reading group.

This week- the snow is gone, the mitigating circumstances limiting my time with students are gone, and now it's back to the non-routine of routine flexible library. Yesterday I had the joy of my lunch book club! My friend who last year I couldn't figure out a book for, is now asking "I need a book JUST LIKE this one. It's perfect for me." The kids traded out the books they'd finished for new ones. (I realize that my book club books are not helping my circulation statistics- they aren't in the catalog.)

Today, I had my small group back. I missed them- they are fun. But, after my reflecting- we had a heart to heart, and agreed that our book was not a good fit. Right in the middle of our group the intervention teacher came to get 1/2 my group for their services...so we had a quick brainstorm about when to meet. You know what they want to do? Eat in the library, and come for book club then. So now, I'll have fifth grade book clubs and then my 4th grade group = 3 times a week! Tomorrow- we'll see if our new book is a better fit.

Change in routine can be good. And I guess, the last few weeks have renewed in me that which I love. Helping. While it might not be necessarily my idea of what my pre-defined "library" looks like- I guess it's all good. Helping plan an integrated unit provides help to teachers and something different for students. Helping a teacher reflect on her data helps her to understand what's working and what's not. Helping a teacher order books for her program encourages kids to read. Training teachers on new reporting features in a program they are using helps them intervene with students more effectively. Meeting with my book clubs: helps them to enjoy reading and me to get my bucket filled- the one where a kid loves a book.


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