Make 'em think- Kindergarten brains are amazing!

Last week, I spent some time with our Kindergarten students. Not knowing all of their names yet, I started the classes with playing a name game and learning their names. They were amazed that in short order I had their names in my brain~ but more so, I told them they were like a book!

I had recently read A book is just like you!: all about the parts of the book by Kathleen Fox. She challenged me- I had never thought about how I was like a book. Sure, I have people read me all the time- intonation, posture, expressions- but really? Like a book? So- we read/talked our way through the book.

We talked about how we were like a book: we have a name- the book has a name. (title)
We have a family: the book has a family. (author, illustrator, publisher)
When were you born? (Copyright!)
Where were you born? (Place of Publication)

My kids loved talking about clothes (jackets) and then- I had them reach behind them and find the middle of their feel around for the lumpy part. One of them said "The Spine!"

I have to say, this is where it got super interesting.
S: It's disgusting feeling.
Me: What's the spine do?
Ss:  It holds us together!
Me: What would it be like if we didn't have one?
Ss: We'd be like squishy and fall over.
Me: Like Jello?
Ss: squealing- they start to become blob-like on the floor.

We took a brief turn here...
Me: So we're like books. What about a snack? Does it want the crumbs on my fingers when I eat Cheetos?
Ss: NOOO! Then it would get dirty!
Me: Well then, I can give it a bath?
Ss: (screaming) NO! It would ruin the pages!
Me: Ok- so we're like a book, but not like a book? I'm so confused!
S: It's because we're living and it's non living!

And there, you have it. Kindergarten brains. How many times do we short-sell kids and think they can't connect- can't think deeply? How many times as teachers do we think I can't teach critical thinking- I need training or ideas? 

The answer: a good book- and great questions. Together- they create wonder and the opportunity to stretch and grow! Thank you, Kathleen Fox for such a fun avenue to take them down.


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