Music to my ears

In the fall I shared a post about music~ and singing. In it I mentioned just how blessed I am to work with our music teacher. She is forever integrating and inspiring kids with music~ and showing them all how music can be a part of every part of their school life.

Today, was music to my ears. Our first graders had been working hard on a performance that was scheduled to run during the week of our book fair- but NC weather being what it is...rehearsals were snowed out! So, we had the book fair 2 weeks ago, and the performance today. Why? Because music matters~ and because books matter, and well- when the 2 are blended- you get amazing results. 

Our first graders were the narrators as well as the performers and musicians. And while the parents were smiling and cheering, I was beaming. Why? Because Mrs. Huddle gave the kids fun songs to sing to help them become inspired to read~ and they were singing and having fun~ about reading!

A few highlights from the narration: 
S1: You can use reading in every subject in school.
S2: You need to read story problems in math.
S3: You need to read the directions for science experiments.
S4: Reading is the most important skill you can have in your school tool box! 

But what was better than that? The song after it. The song after it was not about Academic reading, but about the joy of reading. 

In the pages of a book, in the pages of a book,
I can be myself or someone else in the pages of a book. 
In the pages of a book, in the pages of a book, 
I can lose myself or find myself in the pages of a book. 

The students didn't realize that she was teaching them the joy of reading- of identifying with a character or event. As author Jacqueline Woodson said, "For young readers especially, books are either mirrors or windows. They're reflections of who you are or windows into other worlds." 

S1: Books are very portable. They go anywhere you do!
S2: Like the mall? Down the hall? Even under the covers with a flashlight? 
S3: You don't have to buy a book to read a book. Visit your library it's free! 

It's my book, yeah, where I go it goes. 
It's my book, yeah, where I go it goes. 
You will find me reading it 'til the cows come home!
It's my book and where I go it goes.

More smiles from me. Again, Mrs. Huddle is planting the idea that reading isn't just a school thing- it's a cool thing. She was having them think about being what Donalyn Miller calls "Wild Readers:" those readers who take every moment they can to steal away into a book for the pure pleasure of reading.  

Tonight: so very thankful that the students at my school have spent the last few weeks singing about how great books are~ how fun reading is~ and how it can shape their minds. Thank you, Mrs. Huddle. You rock!

Lyric excerpts from : EVERY AUTUMN, John Riggio- MUSIC K-8, Volume 16, Number 1. 2005 Plank Road Publishing, Inc. 


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