I love Thursday....

Seems odd, I'm sure. But, no matter what the week brings~ what the challenges are~ there is one class I see that always brightens me up. Don't get me wrong. Most any class on any day can make me feel amazing. But there's the one that ALWAYS does, and it's on Thursday.

Today was full of "Earthquake Alerts" with this class. You see, we've been reading THE BOOK: Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. We've progressed through the book to find Melody in mainstream classes and changing the way people view her. 2 weeks ago when I last saw this class we ran out of time in the chapter at the worst possible time- for 2 weeks they've been dangling off the cliff of whether or not Melody would be successful in her endeavor.

Now of course, I won't tell you the result (nor the endeavor) ~ you must read this book. But I will tell you we had many Earthquake Alerts. There were students sitting on the edges of their chairs. Literally. There was drumming on the table. There was cheering and booing as results were revealed about the characters they have come to love as well as those they hold disdain for.

And this is why I love Thursday. I get to see kids interact with a book. On Thursday, I get to watch compassion grow. Why? Because of the power of shared reading.


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