Pure Learning

We all know that the lessons we learn ourselves are the ones we retain. So why is it that we continue to teach kids once we've become experts? How do we expect them to learn problem solving, determination, and how to manage failure if we don't give them that option?

So, I conducted an experiment.

I had a group of fifth grade students this year in a club that met once every two weeks for 40 minutes. Our club was one of making and experimenting. I had acquired quite the set of "tech toys", but not yet learned how to best use them all. So, instead of letting them sit on a shelf to collect dust, I pulled them out to let the kids figure out on their own what worked how.

But wait. As an extra test- I wasn't there. I had an appointment. So I left my substitute with an iPad to record what happened in my absence.

I was floored with all the footage she shot. Here's a very quick snippet of two young ladies who unpacked and programmed a robot all on their own.

For the next several weeks, they came in and continued on their own path- all without me! 

So the challenge: give up knowing how to do it before you let the kids experience things. Maybe you'll both have pure learning!


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