Heartfelt Thanks to Teachers Everywhere

It's been a long weekend. In  the last 72 hours, I have watched the results of teachers everywhere come together to change the world. Mine.  It started with a call from my mom. A call to 911. 2 EMS workers staying calm with my dad, and saying- let's go get you checked out. An ER staff laying it out there, sharing their fears, the risks, what was in question. Preparing us.  A surgeon offering an attempt. Nurses being gentle with my dad and family. People tending to our needs while we were waiting to hear on dad's. Machines. Beeps. Whirrs. Laughter. Music. My son stating what my dad's favorite piano concerto is~ and the ER DR pulling out his phone, pulling it up, and laying the phone on my dad's chest so he could listen. And then, the peace wash over him, the movement of the head and nodding as if conducting the music all on his own. The calling out of what instrument came next in the concerto, and the relaxation that came to help him heal.

Fast forward 2 hours to a grinning surgeon and ER DR who said we were lucky. That the timing was just right- all things fell into place in an orchestrated manner no one could have expected. The dad I visited in ICU shortly after was alert, and relaxed- like this had all been a bad dream. 2 days later, he's in a full room on a floor- improving by the moment.

There's been a lot of time to think this weekend. And out of that thinking, I simply have two words: Thank You.

Thank you for choosing to become teachers.
Thank you for the tears and frustration of trying to reach a kid.
Thank you for loving the kids as your own.
Thank you for the late hours planning.
Thank you for the risk-taking and trying something new.
Thank you for in your exhaustion, finding the joy in the process.
Thank you for coming to work to make a difference in the world.
Thank you for choosing to teach even though the pay isn't great, and the stress is high.
Thank you for remembering that it's not about you- but about them, and showing the kids that they matter.

Why am I being crazy like this thanking you? Because of Friday night. Friday night a team of people from 911 phone answerers, first responders, the ER team, surgery staff, and volunteers pulled together to solve a puzzle. A puzzle that saved my dad. All of these people had teachers. All of these people had someone invest in them, spark a curiosity in them. Empower them. Engage them. Grow them. Believe in them.

And you, every day have that power. The power to change the world.
Thank you for making the choice to teach.


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