Book club begins

Oh my! It's been quite a busy few weeks in our space. We've had a book fair- and that brought a lot of joy to the teachers and students.

During the fair, I had a group of five students come and help me shop. We agreed to read a book together. What I didn't know was what a gift that group would become to me.

Who knew when their teacher came to me with her plea for help in finding them something they'd like, that I'd wind up looking forward to seeing this group so much that I'd rearrange my schedule to see them more! You see, it's the group of "I hate to read" kids. The group where reading has never been easy. Don't get me wrong- they have skills, but they haven't fallen in love with reading.

So, when the book fair arrived- we looked together for just the right book. We wanted something different from Wimpy Kid, but similar in style. The kids picked 2 books: Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading,  and My Life as a Book.. But guess what? The book fair ended, and there weren't enough copies for us to start! (I ordered them- who could say no to a captive audience). Our first day to meet came, and I subbed in a new book I had in my office: Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made.

Day 1: Last Tuesday. We read the first chapter together- they each wanted to read out loud. If one stumbled, another gently encouraged and filled in the trouble word. They'd ask along the way: what does _____ mean. I don't understand_____, and we talked about it. We weren't to meet again for a week (Thanksgiving happened.) so we agreed on how much to read before our next meeting.

Day 2: Yesterday. So, being the model reader that I am, I left my book at home. I could have been a coward, and canceled group- but I dealt with it. The kids came running in (literally) eager to start. When I shared that I had left the book at home, "No Problem ! You can share with me!". We discussed what words meant (nuisance= when you want to slap the silly off of someone). We discussed that "The teacher was 187 years old" was indeed a hyperbole not a metaphor. But most of all- we laughed, and they begged to come back today- instead of Friday!

Day 3: Today. "Mrs. Ramsey! I read more than we had to- it was so good!" When discussing a character they described him as a nerd. We laughed, we learned, we enjoyed a book - together. But the best part? I said "Uh oh- looks like you guys are starting to like to read." "Don't tell- they'll think we're nerds."  And then, more laughs.

No matter what challenges will face my day tomorrow~I am excited to know I'll see my friends again. And, that they want to read.


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