The book club: lunch edition

Another of the joys of flex is allowing students to bring lunch, some friends, and a book to the library. I was flabbergasted on the first "informational day" of lunchtime book club- 56 showed up! Really!  When I asked what they wanted book club for- the answers astounded me:

  • We want more time to read. 
  • We want to talk with our friends about books. 
  • We want to have you help us find new books. 
OK- where did these kids come from? These are my 5th graders. When I came to my school many years ago, these guys were one of my "fixed" classes- and they were first graders. Each year, until this one, these students have been "fixed" to me. Last year, I decided to be different with them. You see, I had read 2 books over the summer before that which would change me in ways I can't adequately express: The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller, and Readicide  by Kelly Gallagher. Those 2 books removed the scales from my eyes. After reading them, I realized why I didn't like reading! (Another story for another day). Reading had ALWAYS been academic for me....

So, this group, whom I had "fixed" from 1st-4th grades- entered the 40-book challenge with me. I figured, what is good for them is good for me, right? WOW! I can't tell you how much I learned to love to read. I found it relaxing and engaging. Even more fun? Reading their journals and writing notes back to them. Learning who they were as readers, and what motivated them. Helping break the icy walls of "I hate reading". And finding that there are 2 young men who learned me as a reader too- and everything they suggested, I loved. 

So that's where these kids came from. That's why 56 of them showed up for that first day. 5 weeks later, 3 times a week, you'll still find about 30-35 kids coming for lunch- and books- and friends. 

Dare I say it? The one who was the hardest nut to crack last year: is out reading me this year. See, he got invited to book club by my two young men who recommend the BEST books- and now, the 3 of them are reading me out of the library! 


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