"Writing is thinking with a pen"

I'm not sure who gets credit for this quote~ but I do know I've heard it many times, and it's finally hitting home for me.

Thinking with a pen, or keyboard in this case, has helped me to focus on my library craft over the last few years. Writing has forced me to be still and reflect, and to find what really matters most in my job~ and to make it happen over and over again.

While the title of my blog will remain the same, be forewarned- its focus cannot be a flexible scheduled library this year. Circumstances have changed, and I am now part of a regular teaching rotation for the children at my school- each class having a set library time. The focus however is still on flex~ in that this blog will still reflect stories of my media center, and the journey of change. But the question remains, who will change the most? Will it be me? The students? We shall see.


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