You could hear a pin drop....

At the beginning of our school year, I told the students that each time they came to the library they would:

  • learn something new
  • read something to make them think
  • read something for fun
  • find new books
Sometimes, the read for fun and thinking books are the same. Currently- our fifth graders are doing just that- the fun read is their thinking read. You see, we're reading Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. Because I don't believe in spoilers, I won't share the content of the book~ but I will share the effect this book is having on my students. 

In the last week, the responses to this book have been: 
  • "I wish I could bring my bed to school and have you read to me all day."
  • "Do we have to check out books? Can't we just read this one?"
  • "How could he say that? He's a Dr."
  • "Do people really treat others that way, Mrs. Ramsey?" (chapter 4)
  • Loud applause and cheering.  (chapter 4)
  • Sighs of relief.
  • Laughter.
  • Frustration. 
  • "I can relate to her because......" (spoilers)
I've heard from at least 3 parents this week: 
  • "My son now has a book he can relate to. And we're talking about it."
  • "My daughter hates that she has to wait a WEEK to find out what's next. "
  • "I love shelving while you're reading that book- what's it called? Loving it."
What's really fun though is reading the powerful words of such an eloquent writer aloud. Pausing. Waiting. Building tension. And yes, you could hear a pin drop in those moments. 


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