Turning Someday into Today

Some days you just know you are going to have a great day. Today was one of those days. In the last 5 instructional days, I've been out for 4 of them in trainings or sick- and today I was back. Back with new energy for kids.

Why: Convergence, our District PD- with local and international experts! 
What: Ways to infuse new life into learning
Main Take-away: Remember who I work for! Not tomorrow's leaders- but today's. Our kids are amazing. 

Perspective here: I'm entering my fourth month in a new school library. My vision for what the program will look like someday is growing exponentially in my heart and mind by the moment. The problem, is that I want it all now. The hustle and bustle. The excitement, the steady stream of information coming in and out. Kids feeling safe. Kids clamoring for books. Kids learning what they want to learn, when they want to learn it. Kids learning how to express themselves in various formats. Kids seeing their value, and that they can do anything. 

But how? What's first? And then, this happened all between nine and noon. 
  • S: "Mrs. Ramsey! You're finally back!" in the hall. Made me smile. 
  • Morning circulation full of "Can you help me find?" "Do we have the next book in the series?" "What does this mean on the catalog?" "Can you put this on hold?" "Will you choose a book for me? The ones you pick are the best."
  • 2nd graders teaching me what they know about password safety and privacy. 
  • 5th graders trading books and reading to self in comfy chairs.
  • 2 kinder classes in different sections of the library: one learning about kindness, and my class trying choice activities~ puzzles, drawing, reading books, checking out.
  • While simultaneously small groups of 4th graders looking for books and learning to find them on shelves, 5th graders coming to use computers and work on research, and a few 3rd graders swapping books. 
There was hustle. There was bustle. There was clamoring. Kids learning. 

Safe? There was that too. One of my kinders said at the beginning of class, "I can't make a puzzle. I've never been able to. Will you help me?" And yes. Yes, I did. In the midst of the chaos, I sat with him. Showed him straight vs rounded pieces. Looked at shape and color and pattern. Why? Because how he feels about his abilities matters. And yes, he completed his first puzzle! #relationships

As I sat down to recharge for the afternoon of book club, research groups, and more checkouts with first and thirds, I smiled.

I realized that my someday happened today. 

Thanks George Couros (@gcouros) for the inspiring messages yesterday, and reminding me of the joy that I can find every day!


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