Challenging thoughts

Going through the library book-by-book gives you a lot of time to think. A lot. I wonder which of these books will be the most popular. I think of the students at the school I left and pairing these books to those readers.  I wonder how long it will take for me to forge those bonds with my new readers~ guiding them to books to fill their heads with thoughts and ideas to stretch them~helping them develop a passion for reading~ all the while discovering that reading changes them.

As I sit and work my way through- I'm challenging myself to create a comprehensive program that will inspire both teachers and students to new heights. How do I support teachers to be their best, bring their best? How will I help others see reading as irresistible? In what ways can I help activate thinking, awe and wonder? Before/After school hours? Book limits? Setting up self check-in and check-out?

And then it hits me. Next week, the class of 2029 will enter our building. That's mind-boggling to me. It seems that just yesterday I started teaching- setting out to change the world. And here I am, with a class entering the building that will be headed to college about the time I will qualify for Social Security!

So that means only one thing: I must meet them where they are, find out what THEY want to learn, and show them how to make discoveries of their own. For that will lead them to be successful learners, and successful learners will lead the future. Our future.


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