A few weeks ago, I received a text.  The timing of the text could not have been more perfect.  It was simply a picture....

WOW! All at once, I was overcome. My heart skipped a beat and tears came into my eyes. Could this really be my new library space? In a word, yes.

My mind began churning, thinking, planning, dreaming, crafting, wondering. Wondering how I could be entrusted with such a space. Wondering what the students would say as they entered this space. Wondering how could our school utilize this majestic place and all its holdings? How could we leverage the minds and words of thousands of authors to create wonder, discovery and passion for learning in the hearts and minds of all who would enter this space in coming years?

And the tears flowed. They flowed with awe and excitement at this new adventure.

A few weeks later, I entered this space with a new-to-me technology called Periscope. I've watched that broadcast several times now- virtually walking through the space that will soon be my new work home. The words that came to me as I was walking through the space: create, wonder, book clubs, workshop, collaboration, joy, noisy.

I'm excited to craft a program in this space that is so WOW! Our own little Workshop of Wonder: where books, kids, tech, and learning meld together to form something exciting and riveting. Our own birthplace of grand ideas and dreams~ where becoming readers,authors, researchers, and thinkers are natural parts of the day~ and where the love of reading will propel them to greatness.


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