Coming full circle

Yesterday, we had our ribbon cutting ceremony.
Yesterday, our halls were filled with parents bringing their children to see their school for the first time.
Yesterday, the sounds of excited children echoed in the hallway~ providing the last bit of energy we needed~ reminding us of what it's all about.

Today, I brought my parents to school.
Today, I showed them the new library I would call home during my work-week.
Today, I saw the excitement and pride in my parents eyes, of a job well-done.

I listened to my dad reminisce of days long gone. Days when he worked for the county education office in planning and placing new schools. Days when they planned the features and space for the schools. Smiling, he laughed that "there were no network closets in my day." Days when there was a cafeteria, not a dining hall.

We walked to  a classroom. They talked with a teacher who was finishing up for Monday's class start, and we left. On the way out the building, he reflected that it was good to see his tax dollars at work in a great way.

But more than their tax dollars are at work. You see, coming from a family where my dad was a teacher, district-level administrator, community college educator, college professor and college administrator, I had one message all my life: education creates opportunities. Now, my parents have 2 daughters working in the same school system my dad once worked in.

My parent's legacy of support and encouragement has come full circle. I feel their mantra deep in my core: education creates opportunities. And Monday, I hope to make them proud- helping my new students discover the joy of learning, reading and wonder.


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