Just what I needed

So, I come in from carpool duty- tired and facing a pile of work. I'd already established with my family that I would work late today- and they were on their own for dinner. So, I got ready to attack my pile- and then it happened. I received a surprise visit from a wise friend, who always points me in the right direction.

And so I sat- and we talked- about books, about school, about teaching, about myself as a reader and how sometimes I just feel inadequate. Embarrassed even that at age 47 I am just finding my way out of a box, and learning to love reading. Yet, I felt safe sharing those parts of me. It is who I am.

I dream big dreams about how it could be- should be even, and I get affirmed that I'm heading the right direction. "Just keep doing what you do best." And then, I'm left wondering what is that? And so, a few questions before leaving:

*Think about what it is you are passionate about, M. A.
*Think about what your goals are.
*Is what you are passionate about aligning with those goals?
*If not, what will you do to get there?

Our visit elapsed into hours, really. And I left more energized than if I had done my to do list. I'm left remembering what it is I love to do~ and planning for how to do it.

It was just what I needed. Thanks dear friend.


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