Out with the old….

Somewhere in my world, I was taught "out with the old, in with the new." While I understand that for practical purposes- what happens if there is limited budget for new? Do I work with what I have? Do I lobby for more? How do I manage my resources for maximum effect? 

When I came to my school 5 years ago, I began a purge. Weeded like crazy. Redesigned the space. Reconfigured what went where. Changed. Once I began removing the old and gross- the gems that were on the shelves had room to flourish- to be discovered. The newer books I purchased had their spots for display and advertisement- and brightened the space even more. 

So after returning from 2 months away, I looked at my space and said- what needs to change?  I dismantled a computer desktop center! Where there was once a computer station with 6 desktops for "research" or group work- there stands only 2. Those 2 are for whatever needs may arise- PTA needs a spot to work-it's there. Extra search station? Done. Quiet space for a student? No problem. The other 4 were sent to classrooms to replace recently dead machines. 

And what happens when I "need" computers for a project/group? Hmm… leverage for laptops to facilitate collaboration! We do have a computer lab that has been converted to laptops- so if they aren't all in use, shabam! 

Next on the list will be the slow project of rearranging the shelves, again. Creating a better means of access for some of those books in the corner, or on the bottom shelves- to help them find the light of day…and the hands of a reader.


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