Make it Work!

Yes, I do hear this from time to time- when Technology may not be working the way a user wants it to be.  However, today's instance comes from Tim Gunn of Project Runway. No- I'm not talking fashion here, but I am talking reallocation of resources and being flexible and making all things work.

It's orientation time here time to remind previous users how to use the library, and teach our new ones the expectations. Being flexible this year means whole group orientations for some- and small groups for others. Trying to help the teachers fit into what works for them is key here. 

I arrived all excited to start my small group orientation today- only to find that my main computer was dead. Sigh. This is after last week my other library checkout computer would not come alive. Need I mention that I have lost 6 others of this SAME model since June? 

Pondering- the only thing I could hear, "This is a make it work moment." I got one of my new ones out and ready for Tech Services to come~ am shuffling my last 2 research station computers to a classroom who needs them~ and decide to try the dead computer again- and it came back! I realize this is only temporary- it's the symptoms the others had before they expired. 

Other make it work moments today: tweeting photos of classes receiving their first awards for PBIS, ridding the library of the pile of ERD, finalizing the library cards for kids, enjoying a book with a group  of first graders, planning our Network Upgrade with the information we received today, looking at the budget to figure out where we'll get computers from, and then starting a plan, organizing materials for next week's testing, carpool dismissal- and holding the hand of one sweet girl who doesn't speak English, and getting her to her car. 

While all these things may seem inconsequential to some, they are small moments of my regular day. At the end of today- I can say, I made it work. And while I didn't get all of my self-appointed "to dos" done, I realize that today I made a difference~ work begun a year ago on the Network upgrade is showing results. Stretching the resources we have to make classes successful- still a work in progress. Learning that the key to being a Flexible Media Center is really taking each day as it comes, and celebrating the wins. And knowing tomorrow is a new day to pick up on the list- that makes it work. 


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