Time Well Spent

Have you ever sat in PD (Professional Development) and wondered why on earth were you there? Maybe it didn't apply to you? Maybe it was something you already knew?

What if it could be different? What if you showed up for a daylong  PD where there was no agenda- nothing predetermined for you- just a blank slate? What if you had the opportunity to decide what the sessions were about- and then, which ones you attended? 

Today was that day for me. Today was Edcampnc! Imagine 100+ people from around the state's school districts arriving in the same place- and then breaking out into sessions that were all about what the learner needed.  Among today's topics:
  • Maker Spaces and Creativity to inspire learning
  • Where do we get funding from?
  • Classroom set ups: what works, what doesn't (yes, both tech and furniture were talked about!)
  • Data- what is it and how to use it
  • Google classroom and apps
  • Freebies for teachers- where to find them
  • Becoming a Digital Leader
  • The role of a librarian in a digital environment
  • Managing 1-1 environments
  • I'm not 1-1. What next? 
No speakers with an agenda. Just people getting together and sharing, brainstorming, and helping each other.  Today was a perfect model of what we should be doing: meeting the learners where they are and going forward. Learning by collaborating on your own experiences. 

Was it worth it? Oh yes. How do I know? I'm energized and excited about what's to come-- and I'm already wondering what I will learn next. 


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